Garmin Dash Cam™ Tandem

Record video inside and out.

Garmin Dash Cam™ Tandem. The dual-lens dash camera with two 180-degree lenses. This compact dual-lens dash camera features two 180-degree lenses to provide complete coverage around the driver — day or night.


Key Features

  • Dual Lenses

This dash camera houses two lenses, each with a 180-degree field of view that provides complete coverage around the driver.

  • Compact Size

This tiny camera is even smaller than most car keys. And it’s so discreet and unobtrusive, you’ll hardly notice it at all.

  • Garmin Clarity™ HDR

The front-facing lens records crisp 1440p video. That means you’ll get video that’s clear and detailed enough to make out car models and other important details.

  • Night Vision Featuring NightGlo™

The interior lens captures 720p video and features Garmin’s exclusive NightGlo™ Technology, so you can record driver and passenger activity even at night.

  • Easily View Video

Built-in Wi-Fi® connectivity syncs video to the Garmin Drive™ app² for easy viewing and sharing on your smartphone.

  • Dash Cam Auto Sync

Use the Garmin Drive app to control and play back video from up to 4 dash cameras³. So you can play back recorded video of an incident and see it from multiple viewpoints.

  • Dual USB Charger

You won’t have to choose between powering the dash camera and keeping your phone charged. The included charger has an extra USB port, so you can do both.

  • Incident Detection and GPS

The camera automatically saves video when it detects an incident. With built-in GPS and Galileo, you’ll have proof of exactly when and where events occurred.

  • Parking Surveillance Mode

Record motion in front of and inside your vehicle when it’s parked and turned off. Cable may be required and sold separately.

  • Voice Commands

Keep your hands on the wheel, and use voice commands¹ to tell the camera to save video, start and stop the audio recording and more.

  • Withstands Direct Sun and Hot Temperatures

This camera is designed for the automotive environment, so it can still be used in warm climates with full sun exposure.

Technical Specifications


  • Physical Dimensions: WxHxD: 5.50 cm x 4.10 cm x 2.35 cm
  • Weight: 65.4 g
  • Battery Type: No (uses supercapacitor)
  • Magnetic Mount: Yes


Maps & memory

  • Data Cards: MicroSD™ card (included). Accepts at least 8GB microSD™, Class 10 or faster



  • GPS: Yes
  • Galileo: Yes


Camera features

  • Interior And Exterior Recording: Yes
  • Interior Night Vision: Yes
  • Incident Detection (G-Sensor): Yes
  • Camera Resolution: 1440P (front); 720P (interior)
  • Field of View: 180 degrees (front); 180 degrees (interior)
  • Voice Control: Yes
  • Frame Rate: Up to 30 FPS
  • Clarity™ HDR: Yes (front)
  • GPS Speed and Location Info in Video: Yes
  • Dash Cam Auto Sync: Yes (up to 4 cameras)
  • Mobile App to Review Footage: Yes (Garmin Drive™ app)

What's in the box

  • Garmin Dash Cam™ Tandem
  • 16 GB microSD™ card
  • Low-profile magnetic mount
  • 4 m power cable
  • 5 m USB cable
  • Dual USB power adapter
  • Documentation